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Updated: Sep 14, 2018

How to remember without forgetting!

Oh My!!!Super Secret!


I am grateful if I can remember what I ate for breakfast. Every day I have to remember a minimum of 6 passwords (sometimes more that 25).

Most of you know that I have been around much longer than the internet and before the Internet or "BI" the only passwords that I need to know were the ones that let me into my brothers secret room. We played kids games and I needed to repeat the "secret" password before my crazy brother would let into his "super secret" bedroom. It was always a word or short sentence that he made up.

If I remember correctly there was also an old game called Password.

and a TV game show called Password

None of these Passwords were ever difficult to remember.

Today, the internet has complicated the passport world. Email passwords...banking passwords....and security box passwords for the places that you keep the other passwords. YIKES!!!!!I get anxiety just thinking about remembering all of these.

So...I had to come up with a simplified way of creating and remembering all of these and future passwords.

Passwords are YOUR personal Keys to very important information.

Here are a few hints I have to keeping this process SIMPLE and SECURE.

1.Think of a short sentence that is easy to remember. Song lyrics, Love Poem, Happy Place

2.Use the first letters in the sentence to construct a Password.

For example: I love my grandson Bert

Your password might be : IlmgB...(the first letters of each word)

then add a character (@#%&*) and a number

So now this is your basic password


Every time you need to create a unique password you can use your basic password and add one unique character from the new site.

My Amazon password would be:


My gmail password would be:


My Zullily password would be:


The Only thing that changes is the last Letter.

After a few days ( or maybe even hours) if becomes SIMPLE

I hope that this helps....

I recently purchased my New iPhone X with facial all of my passwords are also associated with my face for additional security. I rarely need to type a password, I just need to smile.

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