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Cybersecurity is a concern for anyone who uses the internet to communicate, conduct research, shop, or find entertainment. 


This interactive handbook is designed to introduce the basic concepts of cybersecurity, to anyone who uses the internet. 


My goal was to create a handbook designed to be a one-stop, essential text, for people who don’t have a technical background, or any background in cybersecurity. If you fit this description, then this book is designed just for you.


Cybersecurity education is my passion and creating this handbook has been my mission. As an interactive textbook you will discover comprehensive content, designed to educate, and keep you engaged. The handbook is a combination of text, video, audio, and interactive content all designed to create a fun and engaging way to learn about safety in the cyber world.  

You can Preview the book here, however the awesome interactive video and audio content  will not work...

To get a Totally Awesome Interactive Copy....Download one from the Apple Book Store

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