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Hi, I'm Robin Saunders! Welcome to my website--I make videos and podcasts  about  Cybersecurity, the  Internet of Things ( IOT), Tech Gear, and all things that Baby Boomers and Seniors  need to know to keep Safe and Private on the internet.

Every year cybercriminals steal approximately $40 billion from older adults in the United States. As an educator   cybersecurity expert and a senior,  I am here to help.

We are an amazing generation but we are also a prime target of cybercriminals.

According to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center, 2018 showed that people 60 and over have financial losses totaling nearly $650. million dollars due to cybercriminals. 


I want to be your One-Stop-Source for all of your cybersecurity educational resources. 


Together we can defeat the cybercriminals. 

If you have Cybersecurity Questions, I have Answers



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